Cake Un-pops

So, I was going to post a recipe this week. I was really excited Tuesday to make this delicious vanilla cake then post about how awesome and domestic I am. Then this happened:

It really was delicious...

It really was delicious…

Yeeeeeaaaahhh so much for that Pinterest-perfect moment. In an effort to redeem myself, I did make the marshmallow frosting (eh… I actually prefer Jet-Puffed) and turn them into stick-less cake pops. Cake un-pops, if you will. (Come on, I’ve got a theme going here.) Unfortunately, it was already nap time, so I couldn’t run to the store for chocolate or anything to dip them in. Cue hidden kids’ holiday candy stash.

I pulled all the Hershey’s I could find, and given that a whole cake actually makes a LOT of cake pops, I couldn’t afford to be stingy on what chocolate I used. I figured most of it would be from Easter – that wasn’t that long ago, was it? – but actually about half was from Christmas and at least one from Halloween. WHOOPS!

Hey, did you know super old chocolate tastes kinda minty? Weird, right? Anyway, they turned out fine and minty, and my birthday-ed friend is none the wiser. Until he reads this. Hm. Sorry, Dakota!

Here’s what left of my cake un-pops, perfectly plated on Dixie’s finest china, because I’m so fancy:

Mmmm... minty

Mmmm… minty

Cake fail aside, these did taste pretty good, and my neighbor actually called me “MacGyver” for my cake un-pops. That’s gotta be a win at the end of the day. What’s your favorite kitchen fail story?


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