It’s Transformation Tuesday, folks. Actually, I’ve been trying to post every Tuesday, but I’m too lazy to write something for you today. Therefore I will take advantage of this pop-culture cliché by sharing this little diddy I wrote a few months ago. Enjoy!

Today, I was fearless.

Recently my parents bought a Flying Turtle, which is the name you never knew for that coveted toy from elementary school gym in which you sit with your knees up and turn the handles side to side to fly across the gym floor way faster than was probably safe for elementary school children.

You know, this bad boy.

You know, this bad boy.

My parents bought the Turtle for their grandkids to ride in the basement. It is a huge hit with my kids, but it is even more popular among my brothers and me, who remember loving the toy just as much as you probably did as a child. Your memory of its awesomeness overshadows the memories of all the times you slammed into the gym wall or lost your best friend for a week after fighting over the last one in class.

This afternoon, my whole family got together to enjoy some beautiful spring weather. The kids pulled out the Flying Turtle to play on my parents’ long country driveway. Unfortunately, we quickly realized the slight grade of the drive feels much more significant on wheels, and we deemed the toy unsafe for the kids. However, my younger brother – the lifetime athlete and daredevil – managed to ride all the way down the driveway just to prove it could be done.

Now, 3 years ago, I would have laughed, maybe cheered for my brother, but it would have ended there. Actually, 3 years ago, my body weight exceeded the limit to even sit on the Flying Turtle. But I am not living the same life I did back then. I have lost nearly 50 lbs., but more importantly, I have gained my life. These days, when others are enjoying that last hour of sleep, I am at the gym. These days, when my kids are running in the yard, I am chasing them. These days, when my brother flaunts adventure on a nostalgic children’s toy, I jump right on after him and show that I can do it too.

Here I am on the Flying Turtle, mere moments before an epic wipe out.

Here I am on the Flying Turtle, mere moments before an epic wipe out.

As I write this, I am sitting on an ice pack, wishing I had an extra one for my arm. Yes, I wiped out. Badly. While I do finally weigh less than my brother, I did not magically develop his coordination or skill for maneuvering a Flying Turtle. Even so, I don’t regret my little joy ride of doom. All the scrapes, bruises, and gauze I’ll be sporting for the next couple of weeks serve to remind me that I DID IT. Ya see, a few years ago, I would have been scared to death to get on that toy, much less ride it 25 mph down my parents’ driveway. Honestly, I couldn’t have even pulled my knees close enough to my chest to sit on the thing in the first place, but I really would have been too afraid to try.

Today, I am bloody and sore, but I am not afraid. I don’t mind a few battle scars and a funny story to remind myself from whence I have come. Health and fitness are not about the pounds that you lose; it’s all about the life that you gain. And this one is fearless.


Before and After!


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