Snow Day Magic

I’ll be honest with you; the last week and a half has been hard. Today is our 12th consecutive day without school, and judging by the forecast, I don’t feel hopeful for the rest of the week.

I really don’t mind being stuck at home. I have done more cleaning this week than in the last month combined (don’t judge me, I’m pre-nesting pregnant). Today I experimented with making my own bread because I’ve been craving French toast. (Free doughnuts at Krispy Kreme prevented me from actually making the French toast… I’ll let you know how it goes next time.)

Of course you want to see my first homemade loaf of bread! I'd share the recipe, but it actually wasn't that good.

Of course you want to see my first homemade loaf of bread! I’d share the recipe, but it actually wasn’t that good.

It’s not really the cabin fever that gets us. We have actually managed to get out several times, which has been nice. Our struggle is the lack of routine. We are a family that thrives on routine. We didn’t intend to become that way, but our children just naturally fell into a pattern, and we realized they are much happier (which of course makes my husband and me happier) when everyone knows what to expect.


The first day was a lazy movie day, because at first it was all ice. The second day they played outside for like 20 minutes before coming in for hot chocolate and Spaghettios. Those 20 minutes cost me 2 loads of laundry. Days 3 and 4 we went to my parents’ house to sled on their massive hill, which lasted a couple of hours (and 3 loads of laundry, including towels after post-sledding baths). Today we finally got a good packing snow for snowballs and snowmen, but they’re all so over it, nobody even wanted to go outside.

During these routine-less days at home, I really want to be the crafty mom making snowflakes out of popsicle sticks and baking snowman cookies with the kids. But I don’t have a “rainy (snowy) day craft supply” budget, and my kitchen is barely big enough for me to bake in, let alone anyone else standing there.

I would love to be the fun mom out in the snow sledding and playing with the kids. But my kids seem to detest snow almost as much as I do, and they definitely do not enjoy bundling up only to get cold and wet and come in after 20 minutes.

really want to be creative mom who builds elaborate obstacle courses in the house or films a snow-day-dance-party-music-video to share with our friends and family. Shout out to my cool brother for actually doing the music video thing with his kids.

Unfortunately, those things don’t really come naturally to me, and I certainly didn’t plan for them or this much time at home. So today I am striving to be like this mom and simply pause in this moment to treasure the extra time with my family. I may have told Sweet Prince 53 times today not to jump off the top bunk of his bed. But I got to talk to him. I may have listened to Princess sing “Let it Go” for the 95,000th time today. But I heard her voice. I may have wiped Little Man’s bottom 6 times today because apparently he poops when he’s bored. But he still needs me. (Okay that last one was a stretch. Work with me.) And as I put my little pumpkins to bed all in the same room tonight because they are best friends and get lonely when they’re apart, I can look back on these snow days and remember the messes made together, the countless giggles together, the meals together, and the snuggles together. We may be stuck together in this house, but at least we’re together.

Snow day magic <3

Snow day magic ❤


3 thoughts on “Snow Day Magic

  1. I don’t remember stuff we did when I had kids at home on snow days but I do hold dear the knowledge that we enjoyed each other and made the best of it. Your kids won’t remember making (or not making) popsicle stick crafts but they will remember the feeling of being cherished.


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