Happy Spring!


There is something magical about springtime. It’s called outside. After being stuck inside through the long, cold winter, going outside on a spring day is heaven.

Just three weeks ago we were snowed in while the governor declared a state of emergency. This past week has looked more like this:

Sidewalk chalk = spring!

Sidewalk chalk = spring!

This is really exhausting when you're 3 and don't actually know how to use a scooter.

This is really exhausting when you’re 3 and don’t actually know how to use a scooter.

Nothing quite says spring like sidewalk chalk and picnics in the park. Since I became a stay-at-home mom almost 4 years ago, I have never felt more like my mother than when I say, “go play outside!” It’s still too rainy and muddy to do this every day, but the days of waking up and heading straight to the backyard are so close I can taste it!

I’m now expecting our 4th child, and this is my first pregnancy as a stay-at-home mom. Unfortunately I still don’t have that second-trimester burst of energy I really need to keep up with 3 small kids, so the timing of this weather is perfect for me. I can sit in a chair on the patio while all of us benefit from some much-needed Vitamin D therapy. We are all counting down the days until my parents open their pool. I’m picturing long days of sunshine, nap-producing exhaustion, and joint-relieving buoyancy – that is, if I can find a float that can hold me up.

Today we are venturing out for a day at the zoo. Wish us luck! We normally only go on the annual free weekend or when a friend with guest passes invites us, so we don’t feel so horrible about leaving early if we have to. Today we are paying full price for 5 people! Hooray! No, seriously. Pray.

What is your favorite springtime activity? Got any free or cheap ideas to share with a broke mama over here? Let me know in the comments! And enjoy this beautiful season!


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