A Love Letter to Chick-fil-A

A Love Letter to Chick-fil-A

This post originally appeared on the Knoxville Moms Blog on January 7, 2016. Please click the link at the bottom to continue reading the full post! 

Dear Chick-fil-A,

To be honest, writing this letter to you is rather daunting. How do I put into words all that you mean to me? It’s more than just your delicious, delicious chicken. It’s more than the buttery biscuits (or heavenly yeast rolls of the Chick-n-Minis, when I am feeling especially indulgent), the fresh salads, or the only dairy product that is worth testing my lactose intolerance: the so-good-it-deserves-its-own-name Icedream® cone. Yes, who you are is so much deeper than that.

You have to know how beautiful you are. I bet you hear it all the time! You’re the cleanest fast-food restaurant in existence, and cleaner than most traditional casual dining restaurants as well. I know this because I have seen it first-hand. Oh sure, you’re sweeping the floors and wiping down tables, and all your employees’ shirts appear miraculously spill-free. (I know this to be a true miracle because of my years working in restaurants.) You also provide the cleanest play area I have ever seen. Yeah, I’m in on your little beauty secret, and who cares if you spend a little extra to indulge on quality cleaners? I certainly don’t fault you for that. I watched that man climb through the entire play structure, scaling the outside like Spider-Man, cleaning and sanitizing every.single.inch of the place. Sometimes your appearance is just worth a little investment. And I can tell, Chick-fil-A. Whatever you’re doing is working. *triple snap*

To continue reading, please click here for the full post! And eat more chicken!


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