It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye (to Naptime)


This post originally appeared on the Knoxville Moms Blog on March 10, 2016. To view the full post, please click the link at the bottom of the page.

I have been given a wonderful gift, friends, one which I do not take for granted. Or at least not anymore. Because for many years, I was blessed with predictable, consistent, deep, LONG nappers.

My daughter has always been the type to go to sleep when she’s tired, and girl needs that beauty rest. She took 2-3 hour afternoon naps through preschool, and she even napped for an hour or more after school through 1st grade! My sons are the type that would make me regret skipping nap time if I thought they could handle a full day at the zoo, so we surrendered to our life of strict routine, forever owned by that great clock in the sky that turns napless children into tiny werewolves after 4pm.

Of course, being a strict napping family meant we couldn’t make that 12:30 playdate, because we would be deep into our routine of tummy tickles and lullabies by then, and we simply could not compromise. We went to Disney World with my family a few years ago, and we had to leave after lunch to get in a quick three hour nap. Between the commute time and those ridiculous lines to get on the dadgum tram, we lost most of the day that we paid good money for, but it was worth it to not kill each other or ourselves before the day was out.

Those hours may have been inconvenient, but they were glorious. I cleaned and prepped meals and organized closets. I made crafts, read books, and let’s not forget that one week where I watched all six seasons of “Dawson’s Creek” on Netflix during nap time. (I have no regrets.) Best of all, though, I often actually napped during nap time!

To continue reading the full post, please click here to visit the KMB site! And rest well, mama. I hope you get a nap today!


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